Review of the conference thinking techne

The International Conference by DFG research group Dimensions of techne in the Fine Arts. Manifestations / Systems / Narratives at Technische Universität Berlin took place thursday, november 2nd, 2023 until saturday, november 4th, 2023.

For Early Career Researchers and advanced students who wish to attend the conference, we offered a travel grant. The ECR’s prepared a poster outlining their research interests in relation to the conference theme. During the conference, poster presentations took place, where we had lively discussions and fruitful exchanges about the core of the conference: thinking techne.

Therefore, we would like to present these posters as a review of the conference and as an opportunity to read more about the projects of the Early Career Researchers.

Friederike Brunzema

This poster is part of her research as a PhD candidate in the ERC project FACERE, based in Groningen.

In Brunzemas research she is studying the discourse of making in Athenaeus of Naucratis’ Deipnosophistai, a work of symposiastic literature from the 2nd century AD in Ancient Greek language.

Sharifa Lookman

Lookman is a PhD. candidate at Princeton University. The Poster engages with research as part of her dissertation project, entitled “Susini-made: Labors of Scale and Medial-transfer in Giambologna’s Florence.”

V. E. Mandrij

Mandrijs Poster also deals with their PhD project, which has been conducted in the frame of the research graduate programm “Changing Frames. Art History and Art Technology in Exchange”, lead by Prof. Dr. Karin Leonhard at the University of Konstanz and the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. Prof. Leonhard was the first supervisor of their research and Prof. Dr. Thijs Weststeijn (Utrecht University) the second supervisor.

Frederico Camara

The research in his poster was carried out while Carrera was an Assistant Professor of 2D Arts at UFPA Federal University of Pará (Brazilian Amazon). More precisely it was technical/material/pedagogical research on inks made from Amazonian edible plants. This ink should serve as a substitute for commercial watercolors for his drawing and painting courses. At the moment Camara is working as an independent researcher in Brazil. From 1 August 2024, he will be Assistant Professor of Art at SMU Southern Methodist University/Meadows School of the Arts, in Dallas, USA.

Hilke de Boer

De Boers Poster was part of her PhD project on Iron in Roman cultural discourse at the University of Groningen. The project is part of the ERC research project FACERE.

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